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Creative publishing: Ca’ Art Studio publishing project and mission

The publishing project of Ca’ Art Studio, in 2024, is in its sixth year. An independent project, supported by its reader and partners, innovative and characterised by eclectic artistic neo-pictorialist photography, inspired by artists such as Man Ray, Minor White and Jerry N. Uelsmann.

Roman Walks is published in collectible monographic volumes, based on experiential, creative walks in the places of the European Grand Tour and in particular in the Eternal City.

The Mission of Roman Walks is Vision. An unusual way of seeing places and people, born in Rome where, beneath each sampietrini, there are stories, legends and mysteries.

The aim of the magazine is to report on artistic and cultural travel destinations, experiential art and creative photography walks, new lifestyles, observed with the “right side of the brain”.

The editorial line Roman Walks includes 12 collectible issues: discovering sustainable experiences, stories, characters, myths, vices and virtues of the Eternal City. And the artist within you.

The editorial line Special Editions includes monographic volumes dedicated to Grand Tour places, in Italy and in Europe: experiential art and creative photography walks. Artistic and cultural travel destinations. New lifestyles.

The third and last editorial line of the magazine, Roman Walks Interview, is dedicated to exclusive interviews and photographic services by Ca’ Art Studio Image Factory: meetings and conversations with artists, personalities and creative people.

Lastly, Books publication, starting in 2023, includes the edition of The guide to creative photography (in 3 volumes) by Gabriel Rifilato and the edition of The art of neo-pictorialist photography by Gabriel Rifilato and Floriana Cason.

“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.” (Minor White)


Business idea

The belief of the magazine’s editor and its editorial staff, based on market research, is in the notion that art, history, culture and (especially nowadays) photography represent a dominant aspect in the tourist imagery, which is precisely the cultural and commercial area in which the publication fit (tourism). Displaying these topics to the reader through original communication, based on in-depth texts and extraordinary images creates, according to the firm’s analysis, a real style: it gives rise to a trend, generating the sort of “status symbol” of the curious and selective traveller. A tourist, who does not settle for predictable mass destination, fatefully taken for granted appearances, traditional “point of views”, but is instead in search of “creative thinking”: original experiences, less frequented paths, a personal vision of the world that can bring out the “artist within us”.


Marketing strategy

According to the eMarketer Worldwide Retail and E-commerce Sales report, the value of global e-commerce is set to reach 6.5 billion dollars in 2023, from the 3.5 billion circa in 2019. A growing role for the digital channel in international trade. The adequacy of the commercial approach of Roman Walks publishing project must be identified in the entrepreneurial choice to delimit traditional publishing distribution channels (newsstands and bookstores) and the related paper and printing prices, privileging instead the greater economic and financial sustainability derived by the “intangible” diffusion of the publications: the e-commerce. Web communication strategies are currently being studied thanks to the relationship established with UNINT – Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma ( and the curricular internships with students in the Master’s degree in Economics and international management.


Features in the publishing house proposal

– The original vision of the “pictorialist” photography, creative and evocative;
– The innovative iconographic aspect of the publication, compact and accurate;
– The green choice, in favour of a sustainable tourism;
– Storytelling through the words of the protagonists who tell myths, vices and virtues of the Eternal City and the Grand Tour;
– Bilingual communication (Italian and English).

These features are the result of a carefully assembled editorial staff by the publishing house and the founders of Roman Walks: the journalist and photographer Gabriel Rifilato and the visual artist Floriana Cason:

– Experienced writers and publicist journalists, coming from the world of art and tourism;
– Selected photographers in creative photography workshops by Image Factory;
– Translators and interpreters from the partnership with UNINT – Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma and Temple University Rome;
– Graphic designers and layout artists from the partnership with ISIA Roma Design – Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, IED European Institute of Design and Accademia Italiana;
– Tour guides from Walks Inside Rome.

Another innovative aspect that distinguishes Ca’ Art Studio Creative Publishing is its diffusion through the “virtual magazine”, the digital newsstand: a tool that allows readers to have the online versions of publications with them at all times.


Most distinctive technological aspects of the editorial project of the Studio

Communication through creative digital photography, a tool within everyone’s reach thanks to smartphones, The “virtual magazine” version of the publications (which accompanies the traditional hardcopy version), whose international distribution channel is the internet. The inter-exchange portals (in addition to the digital newsstand of the publishing house), are the following: Amazon, eBay, PressReader, Issuu. The e-commerce and the corresponding online sales channel were developed thanks to the relationships established first with the international media resources producer Miles 33 (, and then with the IT solutions provider for art FunnelArt ( and the Connessione Etica ( digital marketing.


Communication strategies

The communication strategies on the web are currently in progress thanks to the relationship established with Connessione Etica ( and UNINT – Università degli Studi Internazionali ( with the curricular internships of the students who attend the degree course in Economics and International Management.


The current positioning of Roman Walks magazine within the editorial world

Within the international publishing scene, especially in the Italian one, Roman Walks has a return in terms of reputation due to the original visual and narrative style of the Studio, and to the influential partnerships with international institutions operating in the world of art, tourism and international communication. Positive feedback on the validity of the editorial proposal comes from the great participation in the Italian book fairs such as:

– Più Libri Più Liberi in Rome,
– Salone della Cultura in Milan,
– Art Book Fair in Milan

in international tourism fairs such as:

– TTG Travel Experience in Rimini,
– BIT – International Tourism Exchange in Milan,
– The Other Art Fair in London,

In international film festivals such as:

– Venice International Film Festival,
– Rome Film Festival,

in international art fairs such as:

– Arte Fiera in Bologna.



These successful participations are witnessed by the judgements of authoritative representatives of the art, culture and entertainment world concerning the publications of Ca’ Art Studio Creative Publishing:

Giorgio Palmucci (President of ENIT, National Tourism Agency): A publication of high tourist value

Alessio Lazazzera (General Manager of Hotel Excelsior Venice): A very noticeable journalistic and photographic work

Stefano Stipitivich (Artistic director of Caffè Florian Venice): Beautiful, detailed and wonderful!

Alberto Barbera (Director of La Biennale of Venice International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art): Great images and extraordinary quality of the edition

Dante Ferretti (Set Designer): Eccentric and intriguing

Giancarlo Di Gregorio (Director of Cinecittà si Mostra): A magazine that was missing in Italy. The perfect mix between culture and tourism

Douglas Beasley (Shots Magazine Editor in Chief and Publisher): A great publication

Jonna Amor (Director of PressReader): Not to be missed!

Alba Gonzales (Sculptress): All I wished I have discovered while travelling in Rome and Venice


Future partnerships

Further partnership agreements and sponsorships, finally, are those with the following online tour operators: – Booking – TripAdvisor – Air B&B


Corporate structure of the publishing company

Ca’ Art Studio is a sole proprietorship, owned by Gabriel Rifilato. It started its activity as a publishing house on 24th October 2020, with the ATECO code 58.11 (books and journal publishing and other editorial activities) and a registered office in Fiumicino, via Riccione 32 00054. During 2023, the registered office has been moved to the municipality of Rome, via Antonio Cesari 81 00152. The editorial office, since 2017, has been in Rome, via della Camilluccia 643 00135. The company has been registered in the commercial register since 25th November 2020 with the Economic and Administrative Index RM – 1623544. Tax code RFLGRL55B24H501N | VAT 15892821008 | Digital address via certified e-mail | ID no. SDI M5UXCR1. Gabriel Rifilato is a freelance journalist, member of the Italian National Order of Journalists since 1977 (membership number 143182).


Qualifying aspects of the publishing house

Roman Walks is a journalistic masthead registered with the Civil Court of Rome, Press Register, under number 158 of 16/12/2020 and with ROC (Registry of Communication Operators), under number 39231 of 7/3/2023. 
The magazine is printed by Arti Grafiche La Moderna, Guidonia Montecelio (Rome). Distribution at newsstand in Rome and in Lazio is made by Tirreno Press (Rome).



The publication of Roman Walks takes place with the patronage and cooperation of:

– ENIT – National Tourism Agency
– Roma Capitale
– Zetema Progetto Cultura
– Biblioteche di Roma
– Regione Lazio
– ADSI – Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane
– Associazione Botteghe Storiche di Roma
– Associazione Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma
– IED Istituto Europeo di Design
– Accademia Costume e Moda
– Accademia Italiana
– ISIA Roma Design
– Rome University of Fine Arts
– Temple University Rome
– UNINT – Università degli Studi Internazionali
– Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene
– Walks Inside Rome
– Shots Magazine

Roman Walks‘ digital newsstand is curated by FunnelArt (Trento).


Main advertisers

– VOI Hotels
– Pelosi Hotels: Albergo del Senato, Hotel Damasp, Hotel Etico, Rome
– Roscioli Hotels, Rome and Milan
– Cinecittà SpA
– Bettoja Hotels, Rome
– NH Collection Hotels
– OMNIA Hotels, Rome
– Excelsior Hotel, Venice


Strategic clients and partners

Roman Walks is media-partner of:

– ENIT – National Tourism Agency
– Roma Capitale
– Zetema Progetto Cultura
– Biblioteche di Roma
– Regione Lazio
– ADSI – Italian Historic Houses Association
– Rome Historic Shops Association
– Association of Historic Shops of Excellence in Rome
– IED Istituto Europeo di Design
– Academy of Costume and Fashion
– Italian Academy
– ISIA Roma Design
– Rome University of Fine Arts
– Temple University Rome
– UNINT – University of International Studies
– European Association of Vie Francigene
– Walks Inside Rome


Distribution channels

Printed edition:

– Newwstands (Tirreno Press)
– Libraries of the Civic Museums of Rome (Zetema)
– Libraries of the district of Rome (Istituzione Sistema Biblioteche)
– Selected hotels
– Rome Historical Workshops Association
– Association of Italian Historic Houses
– Amazon
– Salons, fairs, festivals (direct sales, also subscriptions)

Digital edition (e-commerce):

– Ca’ Art Studio digital newsstand
– Amazon KDP
– PressReader
– Issuu


Terms of sale

The magazine is offered to the audience through different ways: single printed copy, single digital copy, printed copy subscription, digital copy subscription. You can also take out a premium subscription as a supporter or become an Honorary Member of Roman Walks.


Cost of a single copy or a subscription (online or printed version)

Single copy, digital version

Cost of a digital issue of our magazines Roman Walks or a Roman Walks Special Edition 
or an issue of Roman Walks Interview:

€ 3,50 / € 7,50 (according to the edition)

Single copy, printed version

Cost of a printed version of our magazines Roman Walks or a Roman Walks Special Edition 
or an issue of Roman Walks Interview:

€ 10,50 / € 18,50 (according to the edition, delivery cost included)

Subscription to every digital edition

Every issue of our magazines Roman Walks, Roman Walks Interview and every Special Edition for one year

€ 75,00 (that is recommended: you are saving € 15)

Subscription to every printer edition

Every issue of our magazine Roman Walks, Roman Walks Interview and every Special Edition for one year

€ 225,00 (delivery cost included, that is recommended: you are saving € 40)

Premium Supporter Subscription

The best choice: 12 months, every digital and printed version of Roman Walks magazine, Roman Walks Interview as well as every Special Edition

€ 265,00 (delivery cost included)

Roman Walks Honorary Member

Forever (Donation): every digital and printed version of Roman Walks magazine, Roman Walks Interview as well as every Special Edition:

€ 355,00 (delivery cost included).


Promotion and communication channels

Web communication strategies are currently being studied thanks to the relationship established with Connessione Etica ( and UNINT – University of International Studies ( and the curricular internships of students attending the degree course in International Economics and Management. Roman Walks‘ promotional presence on ecommerce publishing portals and social media is ensured by the pages and channels created on the following networks:

Amazon KDP






– Saatchi Art


– Yellow Korner


– Etsy